Who We Are?

IDEOers are a vast and varied group—entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, architects, programmers, journalists, anthropologists, engineers, toy makers, filmmakers—and we all bring different perspectives to our work.

No matter the background, everyone thinks like a designer at IDEO. Whether you’re an accountant, a talent recruiter, or researcher, you’re integral to a community that designs the systems that keep our business strong.

What We Do

IDEO tackles complex sets of challenges across industries, and in order to do that, we form multidisciplinary teams who bring a wide range of expertise and experience. Take a look at our most recent featured projects to see the breadth of our work.

Our community

We enjoy the benefit of working in tight-knit, empathetic teams. IDEO offers a well-balanced, holistic approach to work, community, and environment, with many opportunities to learn and play together. Check out the IDEO blog to learn about the kinds of things that fuel and motivate us.

Our Values

All new hires at IDEO receive The Little Book of IDEO on their first day. It’s a reflection of where we’ve been, where we’re going, and the values that drive our journey. We invite you to take a peek.

Design Curious?

You don’t need a full-time job at IDEO to be a designer. Cultivate your design acumen by joining IDEO U, our online learning platform. Collaborate on challenges designed to drive social good via OpenIDEO. Or unlock your own creative problem-solving abilities by diving into the book Creative Confidence.

Image of the cover of the Little Book of IDEO