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Events清华大学, IDEO

Lead a Creative China 2030

9月20日,清华大学五道口金融学院、清华大学美术学院与IDEO公司三方合作签约仪式在清华大学美术学院举行。清华大学美术学院院长鲁晓波、清华大学五道口金融学院常务副院长廖理、IDEO合伙人兼亚洲区执行总裁Charles Hayes等出席了签约仪式。

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Tim Brown: Why is Design a CEO matter?

Shifting the purpose of an organization made for today to an organization fit for tomorrow is the job of the CEO. And, at its core, it’s a problem that requires design thinking.


Tim Brown: How to Lead a Design-Driven Organization

When it comes to how to lead a design-driven organization, Tim suggested 4 roles CEOs and leaders can play.